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    Commercial Flying Volume 2

    Commercial Flying Volume 2


    Filled with must-know info for the commercial operator, this 30-page compilation from the pages of Rotor Drone Magazine features a guide to NOTAMs, TFRs, and airspace classification; an article how to safely and legally fly at night; how to effectively use your drone’s autopilot controls; and an article on understanding how FAA, operation, and personal limits is key to safe flying.
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    WW II Air War

    WW II Air War


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    Death at Daybreak
    A Kiwi Goes to War in a Hawker Tempest
    by Jack Stafford

    Sharp-Shooting Hellcat
    “Mac” McWhorter Runs Up the Score
    by Robert F. Dorr

    Jugs vs. Jets
    P-47 Pilot Scores the Ultimate Kill
    by Warren E. Thompson

    Bomber Crew: A Day in Their Lives
    B-17 Crewmen Remember the German Missions
    by Mark Carlson

    Never Stay Still
    Geoffrey Wellum: The Battle of Britain’s Youngest Warrior
    by Rachel Morris

    Right Place, Right Time
    How Luck and Fate Allowed Me to Survive My Missions
    by Charles O'Mahony

    Piggyback in a P-38
    A Daring Rescue under Fire
    by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver
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    RotorDrone Pro Nov/Dec

    RotorDrone Pro Nov/Dec


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    Where the Jobs Are
    Online hiring sites for drone operators
    By David Daly

    Gear Guide
    The Year of Intelligent Utility

    Continued... A Brief History of Drones
    An inside look at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum modern UAS
    BY Patrick Sherman

    Pro Advice for Camera Drones
    Ten essential tips to up your photo game!
    By Edward Karl

    Micro Drones
    How tiny drones work—and where they may be headed
    By Gus Calderon & Duncan Mulgrew
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