The effective date of this policy as posted is June 22, 2004.

Air Age Inc. respects the personally identifying information provided by our customers. Because we gather certain types of information when our customers communicate with us, we believe you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the information we capture through our websites and the use of that information. This Privacy Policy discloses the type of information we capture about our customers, how we use it to communicate with our customers and how you can request to no longer receive communications from Air Age Inc. This Privacy Policy applies only to information we collect through our websites.

Use of Customer Information

Two primary types of information are gathered about our customers:

Financial Information is payment information used for or gathered during the buying/registration process and includes, but is not limited to, credit card numbers, financial institutions and expiration dates. This information is not used for any purpose other than that for which it is being provided to us, and is used for processing the transaction or to facilitate future transactions.

Professional/Personal Information includes, but is not limited to, name, address, company name, company address, phone number, fax number and email address, as well as other information such as general demographic information and questions answered on survey or registration forms. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, Personally Identifying Information means name, address, phone number, fax number and email address. Data captured during a customer’s visit to an Air Age Inc. website may also be stored in our customer database. Professional/personal information may be used to fulfill requested transactions (such as purchases or requests for newsletters or other information), maintain records and for marketing purposes and may be shared with other organizations or Air Age Inc. customers for the purpose of facilitating business relationships that Air Age Inc. believes may be of interest to our users.

Opting Out

If you would like to opt out of communications you are receiving from Air Age Inc. or from third parties that Air Age Inc. believes may be of interest to you, please submit a request. Please note that notwithstanding your opting-out, your subsequent request for information will be deemed an affirmative request by you to withdraw your prior opt-out and by submitting any such request for information you are agreeing to receive communications from Air Age Inc. and selected third parties.


A “cookie” is a bit of data sent by a website through the browser to the computer of the user visiting the site, and enables the site to return the results the browser expects. Air Age Inc.’s websites use cookies to ensure visits to its websites are smooth and customized for the visitor. Such cookies allow us to provide a visitor’s browser with information tailored to the visitor’s preferences and needs. We also use permanent or persistent cookies that remain on a visitor’s computer after the visitor leaves Air Age Inc’s websites. However, our cookies neither reveal nor contain any Personally Identifying Information. If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can turn off the cookie acceptance option in the browser’s settings. However, disabling the cookie support function of the browser will prevent our website from functioning properly and you may not be able to utilize fully all of the site’s features and information.

Cookie information is used only by Air Age Inc. and our agents and is not provided to any other organization. It is used to provide relevant information to our visitors. It is also used for website and system administration, including research and development, user analysis and business decision-making.

We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving payment data. We have security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from or about you.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites (including those that may advertise, or from which links may be found, on these websites) and the information contained therein. You are strongly encouraged to read the privacy policy of any third party site before providing any information on such site.

COPPA Compliance

Air Age Inc. strives to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (‘COPPA’). Please read this Privacy Policy in its entirety to understand what Personal Information is collected from children on our website and how we use such information. In addition to this COPPA Compliance section, the remainder of this Privacy Policy applies also to our users who we know to be under the age of 13. In the event of any conflict with any other section of this Privacy Policy, with respect to children under 13 years of age, the provision in this Section (COPPA Compliance) shall control.

Parental consent is required in order for any child under 13 years of age to submit Personally Identifying Information to any website operated by Air Age Inc. Though we cannot prevent a child under the age of 13 from initially providing us information without parental consent, we do act to prevent the use of it pending parental consent. Air Age Inc. will not use or disclose Personal Information of a child we know to be under 13 years of age unless parental consent is obtained. When a user provides information that makes it known to Air Age Inc. that such user is under 13 years of age, the information is not made publicly available. Based on information provided by the child, the guest’s parent or guardian will receive an e-mail notifying him/her of the child’s registration and providing instructions on how to give consent with respect to the Personally Identifying Information of their child under 13 years of age.

For your convenience, our preferred form of parental consent can be viewed and printed for submission to Air Age Inc. by clicking here. If we do not receive the requisite authorization within ten (10) days of the submission of information for a person we know to be under 13 years of age, we will delete such information. Please note that as part of giving consent, Parents may consent to the use by Air Age Inc. of Personally Identifying Information but may prohibit Air Age Inc. from sharing such information with third parties except to the extent permitted by COPPA.

Please be aware that different features of the Air Age Inc. websites allow a user to reveal Personally Identifying Information to third parties, such as chat rooms, bulletin boards and forums. Air Age Inc. does not actively monitor or supervise user submissions and posting. Air Age Inc. encourages you to discuss with your child what information is and is not appropriate for your child to reveal in these areas.

We will provide to any parent, upon request of a parent whose child has provided Personally Identifying Information to any Air Age Inc. website, upon proper identification of that parent, the following information: (i) a description of the specific types of personal information collected from the child, and (ii) the opportunity at any time to refuse to permit us further use or maintenance in retrievable form, or future online collection, of Personal Identifying Information from that child. We request the parent to send an e-mail to coppa@AirAge.com or correspond via U.S. mail or facsimile to the contact information below, with a sufficiently detailed request for information or notice.

Please note, we do not condition a child’s participation in a game, the offering of a prize, or another activity on the child disclosing more Personally Identifying Information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such activity. We use our efforts to establish and maintain reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information collected from children, although no assurance can be or is provided.

Certain exceptions may apply to the foregoing provisions, pursuant to COPPA and other applicable law.

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