50th-Anniversary Snoopy’s Doghouse


Designed by Al Signorino in 1969, Snoopy’s Doghouse has been a crowd favorite for more than 50 years.
This article celebrates Snoopy’s golden anniversary and includes newly drawn CAD plans replacing the older
plans. The “floor” is the wing, and the sides and roof are made with balsa sheets attached to a framework.
Rigging cables (corner to corner) are used for additional reinforcement. These plans show the revised model
from the April 1971 issue. WS: 24 3/8 in.; L: 32 in.; height: 19 in. (29 in. w/ Snoopy); area: 616 sq. in.; engine: .60;
radio: 3-channel; LD: 2; 1 sheet;

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