Aircraft Collector’s Series – Grumman F4F


The Aircraft Collector’s Series are beautiful scale line drawings of full-size historical aircraft hand drawn by famous artists such as William Wylam, Willis Nye and Björn Karlstrom. All known for their attention to detail. Suitable for mounting and framing, each set includes a 14×22 drawing, 8.5×11 historic photograph and a reprinted article from the Flight Journal magazine.

If sold separately, each set would cost more than $50 and can be yours for our low introductory offer of $32.50 each. Limited quantities are available so act now while supplies last!

Whether talking the Grumman F4F or the Eastern-built FM-2, the little Wildcat did itself, and the USN/USMC proud in the early days of the war when it was all we had. Although it couldn’t turn with the Zero’s in a flat dogfight, its pilots learned how to use it’s diving capabilities and tactics to hold their own until later aircraft arrived.