Basics of Customizing R/C Airplanes


This book is all about making your model the stand out! If you are never satisfied with the ordinary, take a particular pride in your work, or think model airplanes should look like their full-scale counterparts, then this book is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 165 pages.

What’s it all about?
Before and After
ARC Makeover
Customize a Kit
To Cowl or Not to Cowl
Streamlined Cowls
Old-timer Cowls
Radial Cowls
Preformed Cowls
Invisible Cowl Mounts
Fairing a Vertical Fin
The Fuse-Rin-Stab Connection
Boon/Fin Fairings
Simple Wing Fillets
Landing-Gear Struts
Wheel Pants
Easy Louvers
Wing and Cabane Struts
Instrument Panels
Custom Pilots
Custom Wing Servo Mounts
Duplicating Complicated Shapes
Shapes with Complex Curves
Useful Addresses

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