Basics of RC Model Aircraft Design


No matter how much experience you have with modeling, this insightful book is sure to become a valuable and often-referenced part of of your RC library. Authored by respected model aircraft designer and flier, Andy Lennon, this book is a goldmine of practical guidance, hints and tips that will guarantee your scratch-building and model-customizing success and help you complete nearly any project that’s still sitting on your workbench. From aerodynamics to structures and control surfaces, Basics of RC Model Aircraft Design provides concise, practical solutions and an understanding of why they work. With easy-to-understand
graphs and charts, this comprehensive introduction to the intriguing world of model aerodynamics will be helpful to the new or seasoned designer.

Airfoil Selection
Understanding Airfoils
Understanding Aerodynamic formulas
Wing Loading Design
CG Loading and the Balancing Act
Horizontal Tail Design
Horizontal Tail Incidence and Downwash Estimating
Vertical Tail Design and Spiral Stability
Roll Control Design
Weight Distribution in Design
Improve Performance by Reducing Drag
Stressed-Skin Design and Weight Estimating
Design for Flaps
NASA “Safe Wing”
Landing-Gear Design
Ducted-Cowl Design
Propeller Selection and Estimating Level Flight Speeds
Design for Aerobatics
High-Lift Devices and Drag Reduction
Centrifugal Force and Maneuverability
Canards, Tandem-Wing and Three-Surface Design
Tailless Airplane Design
Hull and Float Design
Basic Proportions for R/C Aircraft Design
Construction Designs

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