Corben Super Ace


Description: A Homebuilt Classic Revisited

Designed by Dave Robelen, the author’s own design, the Corben Super Ace is a sport-scale model of a 1930s homebuilt. It’s constructed of balsa, film and paint and it doesn’t require any special skills. You’ll need light radio and drive equipment to achieve the desired low wing loading. The Super Ace flies at a moderate, scale-like speed and is very docile. It can handle winds of up to 10mph. The smallest safe flying area is a baseball outfield.
Additional Information:

  • Length: 23.5 in.
  • Wingspan: 35.5 in.
  • Wing Area: 204 sq. in.
  • Weight: 6.5 oz.
  • Wing Loading: 4.6 oz./sq. ft
  • Power: GWS IPS DXA (geared 5.86:1)
  • Prop: GWS 9×7
  • Radio req’d: 3-channel (throttle, elevator, rudder)
  • Battery: Kokam 2-cell, 340mAh
  • Sheets: 1

Difficulty Level:

SKU: K0305A