F-106 Delta Dart


Designed by Dan Savage, this highly unusual Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) powered Jet is sport scale but it includes a fully-cambered airfoil, reflex training edge and scale leading edge droop. Featuring basic wood and lite-ply construction used throughout, it has excellent flight performance. As with all Delta- wing airplanes, it has very good slow speed performance. Designed to use a 70mm EDF unit and retracts, the Delta Dart also has a laser-cut short kit and a step by step guide available from the author at: www.savagelight.com

Wing Span: 28″; Length: 49-1/2″; Radio: 3 Channels: Throttle, Elevator/Ailerons (w/Elevon mix); Power: WeMoTec Minifan 480/Kyosho AP-29L hybrid; LD: 2; 3 Sheets

SKU: K1110A