Flight Journal April 2022



High-Time Hog Driver
Inside the cockpit with Lt. Col. John Marks,
the Air Force’s most experienced A-10 pilot
By Jan Tegler

Aerial Refueling
with a Drone
In the cockpit with the first aircrew ever to
refuel in flight from an uncrewed tanker
By Jan Tegler

Under cover of darkness, Britain’s Hawker
Hurricane hunts for prey
By Clive Rowley, MBE RAF (Ret.)

Dive-Bombing Mustangs
The forgotten A-36
By Walter Boyne

Electric Flight Takes Off
A bright future for cleaner, quieter,
next-gen power
By Tom Atwood



Taylor Aerocar
By Dave Unwin

An interview with
Jimmy Doolittle
By David Walsh

ON THE COVER: Flying in darkness, single-seat, non-radar-equipped Hawker Hurricanes fl ew with RAF Fighter Command night-fi ghter squadrons, their pilots attempting to intercept and destroy German bombers attacking targets in England in in 1941. RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Hurricane Mk IIC PZ865, fl own here by Group Captain Matt Peterson MBE. (Photo by John Dibbs/Facebook.com/ theplanepicture with eff ects by Betty Nero)

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