Flight Journal April 2024


The Mission, the
Honor, and the Thrill
In the cockpit with the pilots who fly
the USAF Heritage Flight and U.S. Navy
Legacy Flight Demonstrations
By Jan Tegler

Killer Cameras
Recon missions in the ETO
By Col. Clyde B. East USAF, (ret.)
as told to and written by James P. Busha

The Good, the
Bad, and the Ugly
Flying the Grumman OV1
Mohawk in Vietnam
By James P. Busha

Double Ace!
Navy pilot chalks up 16 kills in Wildcats & Hellcats
By Barrett Tillman

Bristol Bulldog Flies Again
Master builder Ed Storo recreates
the classic British fighter
By David L. Leininger

Straight-Wing Heroes
F84 pilots battle—and beat!—the MiG15
By Warren E. Thompson

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