Flight Journal August 2007


USAF into the Present
1979 to Today and Beyond, Pt. III
Author: Robert F. Dorr

Historian Robert F. Dorr concludes his three-part treatise on the postwar development of USAF airpower with the emergences of “black jets” and power struggles within the Air Force as the face of global conflicts changed.

Wreck of the Hustler
The Great Salt Lake claims a victim
Authour: N. Connor

When the Hustler departed into a flat spin only one crewmen was able to eject and the story of retrieving the bodies and the wreckage from the hostile environment of the Great Salt Lake makes for gripping reading. Told from the point of view of the salvage officer, as well as others involved, some intriguing problems are faced and solved.

Author: Peter Purvis

The Thanh Hoa Bridge was one of those targets that both sides in the Vietnam War saw as symbolic of their struggle to prevail. The US came back day after day and each time the Vietamese defended it with a savage barrage of AAA. Author Pete Purvis visited the bridge more times than he wanted, sometimes bringing back Vietnamese-induced holes in his Phantom.

Into Despair
Dodging bullets and politics in Africa
Author: Robert Grant

The author, a civilian contract pilot, attempts to be a humanitarian lifeline in strife-torn Darfur where thousands are starving, rebels shoot at everything that moves, including his aircraft, and politicians enjoy the good life.

Big Chief, Little Chief
Author: Col. Frank W. Klibbe USAF (Ret.) As told to and written by James P. Busha

The personal experiences of Lt. Frank Klibbe, a newbee P-47 pilot, being indoctrinated into the 56th FG, Hub Zemke’s famous “Wolf Pack.” He was learning from the best teachers in the world: the hard hitting pilots of the 56th Fighter Group and the sometimes harder hitting pilots of the Luftwaffe.

A Nation at War
The mighty American war machine kicks into high gear

It has often been said that the Allies won the war largely because the sleeping giant that was America was awaken and simply “out produced” the Axis. With an outstanding collection of factory photos, the armed armada that helped change the course of history is seen being born.

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