Flight Journal August 2010


30 | The Quiet Ace
A reserved man on the ground, ace Bill Whisner became a lethal fighter pilot in the air.

40 | We fly the MiG-29 Fulcrum
A former U. S. Air Force fighter pilot divulges the Russian fighter’s secrets based on the experience gained while flying them for two years in the German air force.

52 | Lightweight Devastation
The little A-20 Havoc may have been a “light” bomber, but Lt. Capt. John Minech helped prove that “Havoc” was an appropriate name.

62 | DC-3 Split
The DC-3/C-47 “Gooney Bird” has lived many incarnations and Bob Grant takes us deep into the Canadian back country in his 63 year-old, hard-working freighter.


6 | Contributors
Our authors share the stories behind their stories

8 | Editorial
Pop Quiz

10 | Airdrop
Your comments and suggestions

11 | On the Web
A look back at the F-8 Crusader, Rudi Opitz

12 | Flybys
Doolittle Raiders reunion, RAAF Super Hornets, the largest 747 ever built and more from the wire

38 | On Canvas
Five flying ladies

48 | Gallery
Every collector’s dream: a WW I Bristol Fighter

60 | Classics
The A-4 Skyhawk

68 | Flight Gear
A selection of terrific gifts for Father’s Day!

70 | One of a Kind
The Northrop Y1C-19 “Alpha”

74 | Tailview
Kermit Tyler

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