Flight Journal August 2022


Combat Veteran
Spitfire AB910 flew 143 wartime operations and has amazing stories to tell
By Clive Rowley, MBE RAF (Ret.)

Stinson SR5A Reliant
Harry Ballance’s pursuit of perfection
By Jan Tegler

Covert Lightning
The A-Model F-35
By Ted Carlson

Breitling Dials Up a Unique Formation
A Mustang, Mosquito, Corsair and Warhawk bring the Super AVI collection to life
By Jan Tegler

A Month Like No Other
The epic final days of Luftwaffe ace Hans-Joachim Marseille
By Robert Tate


Gallery: Albatros D.Va
By Gene DeMarco

In Theater: The Spoils of War
By Stan Piet


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