Macchi MC.200 Saetta


Description:The Macchi MC.200 Saetta is a precision-scale balsa and plywood model of the WW II Italian fighter. All scale-fittings, cockpit interior and control surfaces are shown, as is a dummy, twin-row radial engine. The wing is the same as the full-size Macchi
Additional Information: MC.200 Saetta, and the left panel is slightly longer than the right. Washout is built into the wing, and building tabs are drawn on each rib. WS: 79.9 in.; L: 60.5 in.; weight: 13.3 lb; scale: 1/5.2; engine: 1.08 2-stroke; radio: 6 channels; 9 sheets.
Difficulty Level: LD4

SKU: FSP12961