Description: Free-flight replica!

Designed by Dave Robelen, this microflyer is equally at home in a single-court gym and outdoors. Construction is straightforward, and the model is powered by a geared KP-00 motor and 2-cell, 230mAh Li-poly pack and uses RFFS-100 actuators for control.
Additional Information:

  • Type: indoor/outdoor
  • Wingspan: 22 in.
  • Wing area: 72 sq. in.
  • Weight: 1 oz.
  • Wing loading: 1.98 oz./sq. ft.
  • Length: 14.5 in.
  • Battery: 230mAh Li-poly cell
  • Controls: RFFS-100 with DWE actuators

Difficulty Level:

SKU: L0504A