Mini Wave EDF


An electric powered jet that really performs! Designed by Rich Uravitch, this easy to build electric, ducted fan is ultra reliable and reaches flight speeds in the 100mph range. It uses traditional balsa, lite-ply and A/C plywood construction and is finished with iron-on film covering. Plans show all of the parts required to build the model.
Additional Information:

  • Type: Electric ducted fan
  • Wingspan: 48 1/4in.
  • Length: 47 in.
  • Wing Area: 503 in.
  • Motor Req’d: Hacker B50-9XL, Chili Pepper CP50 or similar
  • Fan Unit: 90mm WeMoTec Midi-Fan
  • Radio Req’d: 4-channel (rudder, aileron, throttle, elevator); V-Tail mixing required
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Sheets: 2

Difficulty Level: