Model Airplane News August 2024


    Feature: Arizona Warbirds & Classics
    50 years of scale modeling
    By Bonnie O’Meara

    Feature: Hot for Summer
    20+ cool picks for fl ightline fun
    By the Model Airplane News crew 26

    Feature: 10 Top Twins
    Twice the power, twice the fun!
    By the Model Airplane News crew 41

    Feature: Reaching New Heights
    A beginner’s guide to building wood kits
    By Ed Rogala

    How To: Multi-Engine Magic
    An expert tells all about setting up twin-engine
    By Nick Ziroli Sr.

    How To: Replace Gear Doors
    An easy fix with a little aluminum and know-how!
    By Lane Crabtree

    Product Review:
    Jersey Modeler Fueling System

    Product Review:
    Pennbags Wing & Fuselage Bags

    XFly Model/Banana Hobby B1-B
    This big jet is as exciting to fl y as you’d imagine!
    By John Dueck

    SKU: MAN082024