Model Airplane News May 2022



Great Gliders
6 favorite fiers—powered and unpowered!
By the Model Airplane News crew

Field & Bench Favorites
20 tools and gadgets you need right now!
By the Model Airplane News crew

28 Flight Technique: Change Altitude in Style
P Loops make it easy
By Dave Scott

How To: Fast Foam Fixes
Easy repairs to get your molded fier back in the air
By the Model Airplane News crew

New drones & gear at the Commercial 50 UAV Expo
By Patrick Sherman

Construction: Stephens Akro
An easy-build, profle foam performer
By Dick Sarpolus

How To: Fly a Helicopter
10 easy steps to success!
By the Model Airplane News crew

Seagull Models/Legend Hobby
Gilmore Red Lion
A classic Golden Age Racer with great performance
By Fitz Walker

Extreme Flight 60″ Extra 300NG
From mild sport fying to wild 3D aerobatics
By Andrew Griÿth

New Releases
Product Review Spektrum Charger

Flight Plan
Pilot Projects
Hobby Hacks
Hangar Talk

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