Model Airplane News October 2020



16 25 for $25 (or less!)
Our favorite fi eld & bench tools & accessories
By the Model Airplane News Crew

22 Gallery: Sean Curry’s Hawker Tempest
The backstory of a Top Gun Contender
By Gerry Yarrish

28 How To: Getting Started with Helicopters
10 pro tips you need to know
By Klaus Ronge

34 HowTo: Understand Your Radio
Getting the most out of your transmitter
By Tony Ianucelli

38 Flight Technique: Pro Pilot Turning Tips
The keys to flying smooth, consistent moves every time
By Dave Scott

52 Construction: Howard DGA-5 “Ike”
Golden Age Miss Chevrolet Racer
By Pat Tritle


44 Legend Hobby
Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane .60
By Klaus Ronge


10 STEM Education & RC Airplanes
12 MAN Approved: Sullivan SkyWriter Smoke Pump
14 MAN Approved: Du-Bro Products Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

04 Flight Plan
06 Pilot Projects
08 Hobby Hacks
60 From the Shop
62 Let’s Talk Giant Scale
66 Hangar Talk

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