Nifty 80


Description:Designed by Gerry Yarrish, this is an easy-to-build, giant-scale budget trainer. WS: 80 in.; engine: G-23; 2 sheets.
Additional Information: The Nifty 80 uses Lauan construction grade plywood for doublers and formers and lite-ply for fuselage sides. The wings are built with balsa ribs and spars and sheeting of common stock sizes. The landing gear is made from 3/16-inch music wire and it uses 4 to 5 inch tires and wheels. A stock aluminum landing gear can also be used. The fuel tank is exposed for easy setup and maintenance. The model is designed for 3-channel operation: throttle, rudder and elevator. If ailerons are desired, you should remove half of the dihedral called for on the plans. The lift struts are function so do not fly without them.

Level of Difficulty: 2 intermediate builder, beginner to intermediate pilot

SKU: FSP10932