Power Beyond the Basics


Renowned engine expert Dave Gierke takes students of glow power to the next level in this, his latest book. Building on the foundation he began in Volume 1, Dave explores the history of throttle development and expands his discussion of how carburetors and fuel-delivery systems work. This book is a must-have for every modeler’s library! 145 pages.

Throttle Development: 1947-1959
Throttle development: 1960-present
Carburetor Principles
Fuel Delivery: Non-Throttle Carburetors
Fuel Delivery: Throttle Carburetors
Fuel Delivery: Pressure Carburetors & EFI
Fuels: Change & Progress
Fuel Components: Methanol (CH3OH)
Fuel Components: Nitromethane (CH3NO2)
Fuel Components: Lubricants
Glow Fuel Blends

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