RC Car Action August 2016



34 › First Drive: ARRMA Nero
Arrma’s all-new monster delivers with three-way locking diffs and serious
6S horsepower
By the RC Car Action team

48 › Sport Radio Roundup
13 ways to sling signals on a budget
By the RC Car Action team

56 › Project: Tamiya TXT-2
A bigger, brawnier buid for Tamiya’s Clod-ternative monster truck
By Kevin Hetmanski

62 › Classic Plastic: Kyosho Optima
The legendary chain-slinging 4WD buggy is back and better than ever
By the RC Car Action team

76 › RC Monster Jam World Finals
Full-size meets RC in a full-on monster melee
By Kevin Hetmanski


42 › Basher RZ-4 Rally Racer V2
Built, brushless, and rally-ready for $200
By Michael Wortel

88 › ECX/Horizon Hobby
Torment K&N Edition
ECX’s short-course econo truck delivers unfiltered fun with a new K&N look
By Kevin Hetmanski


82 › How To: Set Up Your Tires Like a Pro
Tips and techniques for A-main traction
By Joel Navarro

92 › Tech-Know: High-Voltage Batteries and Charging
Get an edge on the comp with higher voltage and more capacity
By Joel Navarro


95 › RPM Upgrades for ECX Vehicles

96 › Novak Hammer Speed Control and NX4 Motor


12 › Starting Line
14 › Feedback
16 › Readers’ Rides
20 › Pit Tips
25 › Tech Center
31 › New & Hot
69 › Race Watch
98 › Tailpipe

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