Description:This unusual-looking, lightly loaded glider is a real eye-opener that was inspired by the sea-dwelling stingray. Designed to maximize the fuselage’s lifting surface, the model uses traditional wood and plywood construction and incorporates carbon-fiber tubes for use as the tail boom and wing spars. It has plug-in wing panels for easy storage and transportation.
Additional Information:

  • Type: V-tail glider
  • Wingspan: 92.25
  • Weight: 5 lb.
  • Wing Area: 940 sq. in.
  • Wing Loading: 12.3 oz./sq. ft.
  • Length: 44.5 in.
  • Airfoil: Modified Goettingen 602
  • Radio: 2-channel (rudder and elevator mixed for ruddervator control)
  • Sheets: 1

Difficulty Level: LD

SKU: X1002A