WW II Fighters 2021


Our latest Special Issue, WWII Fighters places you in the cockpit with the pilots over the war torn skies of Europe and the Pacific. These stories share the thrills, terror, sheer courage and even luck that the fate of these aerial warriors. From Mustangs and Spitfires, to Fw 190’s and Corsairs, we cover the best fighters with stunning photography and riveting writing by those who were there. You’ll be pegged to your sit as you read the stories!

Table Of Content

Butcher Bird Survivor
Fw 190: The rarest of the rare flies again
By Rachel Morris

Unlikely Warrior
A South African Spitfire pilot in Europe’s war
By Sarah Hanna

Lucky Jug Ace And the 368th FG Thunder Bums
By Dr. Timothy M. Grace

The Marines’ Last Dogfight
The Corsair was one tough bird
By Eric Hammel

Warhawk! A test pilot’s adventure
By Corky Meyer

Death at Daybreak
A Kiwi goes to war in a Hawker Tempest
By Jack Stafford

Forgotten Ace Don M. Beerbower
A Mustang pioneer’s legacy
by Paul M. Sailer


In Theater – Green Islands/VMF-211 “Avengers”
Gallery – “Phony War” Fighter
In Theater – Mustang: An up-and-coming contender

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