20 Years 20 Stories


We have bundled 20 of our favorite stories from the past 20 years for you to enjoy—more than 100 pages of one-of-a-kind aviation adventures!

Get yours now and partial proceeds will be donated to a veteran’s organization!

What is included:
December 1996
Rudy Augarten
April 1997
Flying the P-47D Thunderbolt
August 1997
Jeff Ethell Flies the P-38 Rudy Opitz Flies the Me 163 Komet
October 1997
Blowing the Panther’s Nose (F9F)
February 1998
Marauder Pilot’s Story
August 1998
Clipping the Bearcat’s Wing
August 1999
Russian Fighters for the USN: The Ultimate Irony
December 1999
Flying the Bf 109: Two Experts’ Report
April 2000
Lost and Found: One B-17
August 2001
F-100 Bailout
October 2001
Wild Weasels Over North Vietnam
December 2001
Flying the Mustang
June 2003
The Better Fighter: Viper Vs Hornet
August 2003
The Best WW II Fighter (P-47) Score: C-130, 1; MiG-21, 0
Ken Walsh: First Corsair Ace
Feb 2007
Hit by a SAM: Close Call in an an A-10
August 2008
Duel of the Lightweights
April 2009
Some Days You Should Stay in Bed
February 2010
Blackbird in Trouble: A Mach 3 Emergency
August 2011
Stoneboat: A Bush Pilot Struggles to Survive

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