Commercial Flying


Here is what you will learn:

Tips from successful entrepreneurs—“Commercial Flying” is a quick 13-page reference download that shows you how to get started in the ever-growing drone industry. We talk to some successful drone entrepreneurs who share secrets about their success and what sets them apart from their competitors.

How to pass your Part 107 test on a budget—We guide you through passing your Part 107 test with very little outlay of cash. All of this is done with proven simple steps for studying as well as understanding what will be on the test, thereby making the test easier to pass.

How to save money with these insurance and coverage tips—Once you have your license to fly, you will still need insurance coverage before getting that first job. Know which insurance options you need and which ones may not be needed for your flying profession. The amount of money saved just from this one article will easily cover hundreds of these digital downloads.

3 articles, 21 pages