WW I Camo & Finishing


WW I Camo & Finishing covers these topics:

WW I Camo and Finishing
WW I Camo and Finishing is a detailed 27-page reference download that shows you how to get the best results while painting and finishing scale WW I models. Featuring three photo illustrated articles, you’ll learn a lot of the basics and see successful techniques explained by pro modelers with years of experience.

Lozenge Camouflage—Replicating German WW I covering
One of the more challenging finishing tasks, producing lozenge camo finishes can discourage even the most diehard of scale modelers. This article shows the use of custom made templates to make the task as easy as it can be while achieving professional results.

How to paint fabric-covered airplanes—Tips and tricks to produce a flawless scale finish
This basic primer for using spray equipment takes you step by step through the process of laying down sealer, undercoat and color paint. With tips for prepping the model and fabric covering, to masking and applying scale markings, this article has it all. These techniques with have your model looking as good as the full size plane.

Makeover magic! –Turning a foam WW I biplane into a showstopper
This easy technique is a great way to improve the appearance of your molded foam warbird. With readily available craft paints you will completely transform your model from an OK looker to a showstopper. From basic surface prep and basecoat to simulated wood grain and modified decals, you will be amazed at how striking the difference really is.