There are very few warbirds that illicit such visceral response from enthusiasts as the F4U Corsair. With first-rate photography and riveting editorial, this unique collector’s issue will absolutely captivate both new and devoted Corsair fans!

8 | Bent-Wing Medals of Honor
Corsair pilots going above and beyond
By Barrett Tillman

18 | Killer Corsair
Albert Wells, Death Rattlers Ace
By James P. Busha

28 | Bent-Wing Korean Combat
The Corsair was still deadly down low
By Warren E. Thompson

36 | Nocturnal Hunter
Frank Lang and the rare F4U-2
By Robert F. Dorr

46 | Under Foreign Flags
Same warriors, different uniforms
By Barrett Tillman

56 | Korean Ground Pounder
The Mud Marine’s favorite airplane
By Warren E. Thompson

68 | Taming the 20 Millimeter
Going to war with cannons
By Eric Hammel

In Theater

26 | Legend Times Two
Joe Foss: American icon
By Stan Piet

44 | The Corsair Maker
Test pilot Boone T. Guyton
By Stan Piet

64 | F2G Corncob:
The Ultimate Bent Wing?
By Barrett Tillman


6 | Contributors

7 | Editorial
Corsair: The Bent-Wing Work-in-Progress
By Budd Davisson

74 | Tailview
The Rarest Corsair?
By Budd Davisson