P-47 Thunderbolt


WW II’s Toughest Fighter

The P-47 is at the top of every WW II enthusiast’s list of favorite fighters. Read about the history created by this legendary icon and its pilots. The words of those who were there, combined with Flight Journal’s spectacular photography, make this newest collector’s edition an issue to be treasured.

8 | The Jug at 70
The pudgy pugilist hammered away beginning to end
By Barrett Tillman

16 | Up Close: The P-47 Thunderbolt
The beautiful brute lives on
By Budd Davisson

22 | Jug Jockeys of the Mighty Eighth
Remembering combat in the Big Bird
As told to and written by James P. Busha

32 | P-47 in Pacific
The final battle of air ace Ben Drew
By Robert F. Dorr

40 | Stacked Up: P-47 vs. The Competition
Strengths and weaknesses of the mighty Thunderbolt
By Frederick A. Johnsen

50 | The Mission That Changed The War
Suddenly, Thunderbolts were taking the war to the enemy
By Eric Hammel

58 | Snowflake Storm
What happened to Grant Turley?
By Robert F. Dorr

66 | Oddball Jugs
Not your typical Thunderbolt — experiments and test beds
By Frederick A. Johnsen

30 | What They Wore
By Robert F. Dorr

48 | 56th FG Jugs: Paint Them Anything but Boring
By Stan Piet

72 | In Support of D-Day
By Stan Piet

6 | Editorial

7 | Flight Journal Contributors

74 | Tailview
The Guys with the Wrenches
By Budd Davisson

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