Flight Journal October 2023


Adventures in a Wairapa Wild Cat
A New Zealand P-40 warrior racks up the kills
By Flight Officer Geoffrey B. Fisken RNZAF (Ret.)
as told to James P. Busha

Ejecting from a Hawker Hunter
Roderick Kurtz punches out after an encounter
with a USAF F-35
By Jan Tegler

Messerschmitt Me 109
Thrilling tales of aerial supremacy
By James P. Busha

General Curtis LeMay
Strategic Air Command Creator & Commander
By Paul Novak

Noorduyn Norseman
Canada’s rugged, fabric-covered workhorse
By Robert S. Grant

Gallery: Stinson AT-19
The Reliant goes to war
By Geoff Jones

In Theater: Firepower
In Theater: A Good Landing is One You Can Walk Away From

Still flying after all these years
By Mike Davenport

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