German Airpower


Climb into the cockpit of the Luftwaffe with Flight Journal’s special issue—German Fighters. Supported by a country smaller than many U.S. states, these aircraft nearly brought the entire world to a standstill. Even today, these infamous planes continue to be one of aviation’s most popular subjects.

• In-cockpit evaluations of the Fw 190 and Bf 109
• Screaming Stukas
• Desperate dogfights
• Inside the He 111
• Rare vintage German color photos
• Spectacular modern photography
And much more!


8 | Willy’s Wonder Wasn’t Always a Winner
The Messerschmitt versus Heinkel prewar acceptance battle
by Eddie Creek

16 | Death in the Dark
Luftwaffe night fighters
by Barrett Tillman

26 | Butcher Bird
Tale of the FW 190
By Barrett Tillman

34 | The Beginning of the End Sturmstaffel, 1944:
Luftwaffe survival calls for desperate measures
By Eddie Creek

44 | Flight of the Stork
The Fieseler Storch, the slowest of the slow
by Barrett Tillman

52 | Bomber B
The Luftwaffe bomber-that-wasn’t
By Robert F. Dorr

64 | Germany’s Freaky Fighters
Futile attempts at survival
By Barnaby Wainfan


60 | Gallery: Me 163 Komet
A brilliant failure
By Heath Moffatt


42 | The Hornet That Couldn’t Sting
by Barrett Tillman

72 | Aerial Art That Was Not to Be
Herr Henschel’s Hs 121 fighter trainer
by Dénes Bernád


4 | Editorial
Luftwaffe Eagles, Storks, and Flops
by Budd Davisson

6 | Contributors

74 | Tailview
The warrior class isn’t forever
by Budd Davisson