World War II’s Last Dogfights


Flight Journal’s WW II’s Last Dogfights special issue captures those last desperate battles which put VE/VJ days in a whole new perspective in this extended-length bookazine. When you pick up this latest special issue from Flight Journal, you had better have some time on your hands because once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. Stories like “The Race for the Secrets,” about disarming and digesting the Luftwaffe, are as entertaining as they are informative. “Right to the Bitter End,” which details the final aerial adventures over Europe, will haunt you long after you turn the page.


10 ‹ Last Dogfights of WW II
The last victory was by … Seafire or Hellcat?
By Donald Nijboer

22 ‹ Right to the Bitter End
Final aerial adventures over Europe
By James P. Busha

32 ‹ The Final Casualty?
The war was over, but he was still gone
By Robert F. Dorr

42 ‹ The Race for the Secrets
Disarming and digesting the Luftwaffe
By Frederick A. Johnsen

52 ‹ Surrender!
JG 1 He 162 Volksjager: combat eluded them
By Eddie Creek

62 ‹ The Marines’ Last Dogfight
The Corsair was one tough bird
By Eric Hammel

68 ‹ The Day the Shooting Stopped
Every nightmare has an end
By Barrett Tillman


6 ‹ Flight Journal Contributors

8 ‹ Editorial

20 ‹ In Theater:
Chariots of the Vanquished
By Stan Piet

40 ‹ In Theater: Game Changer
By Barrett Tillman

58 ‹ In Theater: Operation Magic Carpet
By Barrett Tillman

76 ‹ In Theater: The Phantoms of War
Amidst the cleanup, mechanical ghosts were born
By Budd Davisson

82 ‹ Tailview
Ending the Greatest War
By Barrett Tillman