Glow Basics


If you’re advancing in the hobby and are now considering glow-powered model airplanes, this new digital download is a must-have workshop reference guide. As with anything new, once you understand the basics, everything else seems easier to understand. Featuring three photo illustrated articles, this 18 page digital download will teach you the basics of glow power and show you successful setups explained by pro modelers with years of experience.

Fuel Systems Made Easy
Fuel Systems Made Easy is a detailed 9-page reference that shows you hardware and setup secrets for a reliable model airplane fuel system. Including detailed illustrations of fuel tank setups, you’ll see what works and how to prevent commons problems from popping up.

Carb Basics
Carb Basics is 5 pages and explains how model airplane carburetors work. It shows the different parts, and gives you the information you’ll need to properly adjust your model’s glow carburetor, including setting a proper idle, so your airplane will fly safely with reliable engine performance.

Model Airplane Fuels Explained
This 4-page basic primer explains the chemical makeup of glow fuels and why all the ingredients are important. There are different types of blends of glow fuel and you’ll see why two-stroke fuel is different from four-stroke fuel. The importance of lubrications and proper storing are also explained as well as the differences between glow fuel and gasoline.