Scale Weathering


Here is what you’ll learn:
Scale Weathering is a nicely detailed 28-page downloadable reference that highlights painting and finishing techniques that you can use to improve your scale model’s realism. Featuring three articles from pro modelers with years of experience, you’ll learn it all from the basics to overall detail application explained by the authors in easy to understand language.

Basic Weathering Techniques – Bring your scale plane to life!
When it comes to successfully weathering a scale model airplane, it’s all in the technique. It’s very easy to get carried away and go overboard resulting in a model that just looks dirty. This article shows a tried and true method of adding just the right amount of stains and streaks that are the foundation of the great weathering job.

Adding Realism – Detailing with paint chips and wear
This article picks up where the last one leaves off and really gets into the nitty-gritty of weathering. It explains the importance of using a light touch and consulting your reference photos. From chips and flaking paint to where you should place the wear and tear and how to reproduce a beat up wing walk section, theseall important finishing touches will bring your model to life.

Dressing up a Warbird ARF – Weathering and detailing the KMP spitfire
These methods will improve the appearance of scale ARFs with very little effort or expense. To remove much of the “sameness” of your model, add realism by defining panel line definition, weathering and some minor, easy-to-make details. The difference this all makes is amazing!