Model Airplane News April 2024


Gallery: Half-scale MC-15 Cri-Cri
Dean Copeland’s incredibly detailed model of the ’70s homebuilt
By Debra Cleghorn

How To: Re-Cover a Wing
Attached control surfaces? No problem!
By Lane Crabtree

Feature: Top 10 Scale Jet Picks
A jet for every budget
By the Model Airplane News crew 34

How To: Fly Turbine Jets
From prefl ight to landing
By Andrew Griffi th 41

Construction: Sukhoi Su-26
This low-budget, high-fun aerobat is a fast build
By Mark Sirianni

How To: Build from Foam Board
It’s inexpensive, user-friendly, and easy to repair!
By Tim McKay

There’s Nothing Like Flying Combat!
Product Reviews: Hitec RDX2 800
& AD350

FMS/1500mm Maule PNP
Versatile bush plane!
By Andrew Griffi th

TJIRC/Tempest 2.75m
Sleek & sexy slope soarer
By Ian Peckett

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