Model Airplane News June 2024


Feature: Keep it Legal
FAA regulations for RC pilots
By Tim McKay

Feature: Where Can I Fly?
The right spaces and places to take fl ight
By Patrick Sherman

Feature: 10 Top Trainers
Flight success starts here!
By the Model Airplane News crew 24

How To: Convert from Electric to
Pneumatic Retracts
Increased durability & reliability for giant-scale
By Lane Crabtree

Flight Technique: No-Drama Landings!
5 pro tips for easy touchdowns
By David Scott

How To: Make a Laminated Hatch Cover
Easy access to radio switches and fuel fittings
By Gerry Yarrish

Gallery: PBY Catalina
Tony Dilluvio’s 13-foot-span flying boat
By Debra Cleghorn

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