RC Car Action November 2019



Axialfest 2019
The ultimate RC adventure for Axial off-roaders
By Joel Navarro

Top 10 Greatest Off-Roaders of the Last 10 Years
Our favorite rides for doin’ it in the dirt
By the RC Car Action team

Reader Project/Custom-Chassis Muscle Mustang
Retro-realistic machined-metal muscle car
By Rengan Krishna Iyer & Matt Boyd

How To/Build a Tool Stand
This easy-to-make workshop helper will declutter your bench
By Peter Vieira


Tamiya GF-01TR Monster Beetle Trail
The classic big bug gets a makeover as a portal-equipped terrain crawler
By Kevin Hetmanski

Carisma M40S Audi RS5 DTM
This super-scale street machine is ready for driveway DTM action
By Peter Vieira


T-Bone Racing Full Chassis Skid and A-arm Skidplates for X-Maxx
More beef for Traxxas’ hardest hitter

Awesome R/C Repairs LED Light Sets
A bright idea for durable LED lighting

SKU: R1911