RC Car Action October 2019


Monster Truck Best Buys Guide
22 top-picks for fat tire performance and fun
by the RC Car Action team

Worlddrone III-International Velodrome Championship
High-speed action on Encino’s banked oval
By Jimmy Louis

Project/Mad Max War Rig Tamiya King Hauler
Haulin’ gas on Fury Road
By Matt Wolfe

Tamiya T3-01 Dual Rider
This trick trike is a whole new kind of RC experience

Pro-Line 1977 Dodge Ramcharger
Mopar to ya: Pro-Line dynamite Dodge gives you two ways to dress your 12.3-inch rig

Eartech UltraLITE UL250 Headset Communication System
Less yelling, more waiting

Pro-Line Decimeter 2.8-inch MT Tires
This “Clod-size” sneaker delivers superior solid-axle performance

SKU: R1910