WW II Dogfight Combo Pack


WW II First Dogfights
If there is one thing that a reader will take away from Flight Journal’s World War II’s First Dogfights, it is a clear understanding that WW II didn’t suddenly start in June 1940 during the Battle of Britain or the morning of December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor. This special issue takes the reader through the complex 1930s’ development of iconic fighters and mortal enemies that led up to the war. It spells out the different philosophies that drove aircraft design and aerial warfare, and birthed the likes of the Zero, P-40, Spitfire, and Messerschmitt. More important, every developing fighter had its first dogfight and every ace had his baptism in fire, and this issue gives the reader a ringside seat to it all.

WW II Last Dogfights
Flight Journal’s WW II’s Last Dogfights special issue captures those last desperate battles which put VE/VJ days in a whole new perspective in this extended-length bookazine. When you pick up this latest special issue from Flight Journal, you had better have some time on your hands because once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. Stories like “The Race for the Secrets,” about disarming and digesting the Luftwaffe, are as entertaining as they are informative. “Right to the Bitter End,” which details the final aerial adventures over Europe, will haunt you long after you turn the page.